about us

Vintage comes from a passion for chocolate, food and coffee. The concept is simple – we wanted to create an upscale café that allows guests to discover the authentic taste of fine quality cocoa, an array of unique flavor combinations of international and traditional food, and the highest grades of coffee beans available for our specialty coffee. For the creative eye, it would have been obvious that the concept of Vintage has deep-rooted stories in them, from the cocoa shaped chandeliers and mysterious female icon, to every dish on the menu

the founders

Founded by an Emirati family (a mother with her sister and daughters) who traveled extensively researching chocolatiers,

learning about unique dishes and recipes to handpick every ingredient on the menu, and diving into the origins and science behind specialty coffee.


Made of the finest cocoa, our fresh, all-natural gourmet chocolates are prepared by a qualified team of chocolatiers.

Created in a temperature controlled chocolate room and state of the art equipment at our premises, guests will be delighted by our high-quality flavors of chocolate.

the food

All the dishes in the menu were inspired from the founders extensive travelling the past few years, and their upbringing as Emiratis. Vintage serves dishes to meet the needs of everyone, from vegans, to sweet-tooths, to meat lovers, to tourists looking for an authentic taste of home-made Emirati food.


We proudly serve and sell specialty grade coffee beans from farms all around the world, from Ethiopia to Guatemala. We believe coffee making is a craft, a blend of art, skill, science and technology – bringing out the best in each bean.